Migrations Office to prioritize Peruvians requiring passport to process visa to Mexico

Photo: ANDINA/Andrés Valle

Photo: ANDINA/Andrés Valle

09:05 | Lima, Apr. 10.

The National Superintendence of Migrations reported that it will give priority —without an appointment— to Peruvians requiring a passport to process their visa in order to travel to Mexico, as long as they have purchased air tickets to said country before April 6.

In a statement, the Migrations Office noted that this measure was implemented following the announcement of the visa requirement for Peruvians seeking to enter the United Mexican States.

Thus, it will be easier for Peruvians to obtain a travel document so that they can apply for a tourist visa at the Mexican Embassy.

To access this priority service, travelers must present their air ticket purchased before the specified date (this does not apply to reservations), the payment receipt of the passport issuance fee, and their last identity card, to the Migrations offices.

"The National Superintendence of Migrations recommends starting this process with due anticipation, to avoid setbacks in the visa application process," the statement concludes.


Published: 4/10/2024